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TriNatural Healthcare
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VancouverWA 98663
TriNatural Healthcare |3305 Main St 100VancouverWA98663 | (360) 693-8064

Find Flexibility Again

When the stress of work, family, and finances start to pile up, it manifests through extra tension in your back or shoulders. Let us melt your stress away through massage therapy services. When you’re on the massage table with us, we’ll release tension from your muscles with therapeutic touch, intraoral massages, and more.


Deep Tissue Massage

Our massage therapists will apply sustained pressure to reach deep into your musculoskeletal system. By doing this, we promote blood flow and reduce inflammation. Patients suffering from headaches, backaches, a physical injury, or who are involved in heavy physical activity may find relief with deep tissue massages.

Intraoral Massage

During an intraoral massage, we'll massage the inside of your mouth while wearing latex-free gloves. Our massage therapists can release tension from the muscles involved in chewing, jaw clenching, and speech. If you’ve been suffering from jaw tension, Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ), or headaches, then an intraoral massage might be the best choice for you. 

Rehabilitation/Clinical Massage

Unlike other massages, a rehabilitation/clinical massage is specifically meant to treat diagnosed conditions or postoperative pain. We also emphasize a stronger client-massage therapist relationship during clinical massages. Patients recovering from major surgeries, joint replacements, or sports injuries might see benefits from this type of massage.

Therapeutic Touch Massage

Balancing your inner energy flow is just as important as taking care of your physical pain. Our practitioners will harness your energy and use it to promote healing and relaxation through therapeutic touch massage.

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