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TriNatural Healthcare
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VancouverWA 98663
TriNatural Healthcare |3305 Main St 100VancouverWA98663 | (360) 693-8064

In-clinic Acupuncture Services
With Barbara Beale!

Are you searching for a holistic pain solution? Consider dropping by Barbara Beale’s practice for an acupuncture session. Conveniently located inside our clinic, her practice specializes in pain relief and wellness. Try Barbara’s acupuncture services in conjunction with our chiropractic work for a special one-two punch.

A Message from Barb:

You’ve just taken the first step toward decreasing your pain, feeling less stressed, and heading toward a healthier you!

Perhaps you’ve had acupuncture before, or maybe this is your exploration into a new experience. Many things lead people to acupuncture. Some are in pain and don’t want to depend on drugs. Others want to sleep better or feel less ‘cloudy-headed’. Perhaps stress is all too common in your life and you’ve heard that acupuncture can change how you react to the normal stressors.

Whatever the reason, here you are. And, I can help.

Feel free to browse my site to find out more about my clinic, get your questions about acupuncture answered, or read more about my treatment approach.

To schedule an appointment, you can send me an email here or give me a call at (360) 693-2848.

I hope to meet you soon.

In health,

Barbara Beale.


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